Donations Of Purple Newborn Hats Needed For Shaken Baby Syndrome Prevention Campaign

A public education campaign from the National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome is asking knitters and crocheters to help raise awareness about shaken baby syndrome by making purple hats for newborns.

All nine Marathon County Public Library locations will serve as drop-off sites for the Wisconsin CLICK for Babies campaign. Shaken Baby Syndrome is typically the result of a caregiver’s frustration with infant crying.

The letters PURPLE stand for: Peak of crying, Unexpected, Resists soothing, Pain like face, Long lasting, Evening.

The hats will be included in a package of items new parents receive.

Anyone who knits or crochets a cap is asked to create one that is at least 50% purple. Caps should have a circumference of 14 inches (13-15 in.) and a height of 4-6 inches.

Free patterns and more information about the campaign can be found here.

In 2006, Wisconsin passed legislation requiring hospitals, birthing centers, home visiting programs, child care providers, schools and all providers of prenatal, postpartum and young child care coordination services to have educational materials about shaken baby syndrome/abusive head trauma available to parents.

Starting in 2016, the Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Board started a grant program to fund the implementation of Period of PURPLE Crying program in hospitals and birthing centers.

This article was originally published by WSAW.


Scott Juceam is one of the leading advocates against Shaken Baby Syndrome. Scott’s life changed when his daughter Hannah was shaken to death by her nanny in 2006. Since then, Scott has dedicated his life to preventing Shaken Baby Syndrome and child abuse.

To learn more about me, please visit my website at or you can click here.

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